Thursday, May 27, 2010

Making stuff up as I go


I've been "winging" it a lot and I feel really good about that, actually. I've always been a stick-to-the-recipe kind of girl. Maybe because I didn't feel confident enough in the kitchen.

My reasoning behind it has always been that if I spend money on the ingredients and take the time to make it, I want the end result to be edible. Not sure why I've used this as a reason — especially since some dishes made from recipes still end up in the trash. (See here, and here)

But times are changing. A few weeks ago, I pulled random stuff out of the fridge and just cooked.

The results weren't anything fancy. In fact, it ended up being a simple potato hash with peppers, onions, klondike potatoes, garlic and some Mrs. Dash spicy blend for a little zing. But it was something that wasn't planned and wasn't a recipe. It just happened.

Are you someone who cooks on the fly or do you strictly stick to the recipe?


Chef Dennis said...

sometimes you get the best results when you make it up as you go....

Faith @ LovelyAsCharged said...

I usually read some recipes for the general idea of what I'm hoping to make, but when it comes to getting things started into the kitchen, I'm not very worried about precision. That gets a little difficult when it comes time to write down a recipe for my blog, I have to think long and hard about what I put in and what the proportions were!