Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Bombs of the month: Curry Crunch Salad and Pink Pad Thai

Pink Pad Thai

I'm wearing khaki pants I haven't fit into in more than a year. Makes my day happy, that's for sure! I'm confused, though. The scale says I haven't lost much weight but yet I'm down several sizes. My mom swears my scale is broke. Who knows. I'll enjoy the smaller size regardless of what the scale says.

Today was pretty much a blur otherwise. I'm exhausted and ended up heading down for an iced coffee mid-afternoon for a pick-me-up. Afternoon workouts do are better than coffee, but I had a 2 p.m. meeting scheduled, and I don't like to go over the lunch hour when it's pure insanity.

Keeping on the cold food on a hot day theme, tonight's meal was Curry Crunch Salad. And it was truly, truly awful. Inedible, truthfully.

It seemed like an interesting twist on a classic chicken salad. But holy cow a whole tablespoon of curry for two servings was just too much. I used regular plain yogurt instead of greek yogurt so that might have changed things some. It ended up being this bright yellow concoction — as if I made a chicken salad made with yellow mustard. The curry, tumeric and cardamom was so overpowering.

I didn't even bother taking a picture. I pretty much knew it would be bad just looking at it, and I was right.

That makes two meals destined for the trash can in a week. Last week's bomb is above: Pad Thai. It was supposed to be a veggie pad thai, but instead I'll call it Pink Pad Thai. The recipe didn't fail this time — I failed.

It called for tamarind paste, which I couldn't find. And in case you're wondering, yes, you really need to have tamarind paste. Leaving it out isn't really an option.

It's pink, by the way, because the purple cabbage bled out. But I suppose it almost looks good in spite of itself.

I usually don't like sharing when I crash and burn in the kitchen, but I seem to be on a roll with some freakishly colored food. Anyone else have a recent bomb of a dinner they want to share?

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