Friday, May 7, 2010

Second 5K done!

Today was a super busy day at work, which included taking photos of a dance demonstration for a story I'm writing:


Very Bollywood.

After work I "ran" my second 5K in preparation for my first race next weekend.

2nd 5K run down!

Phew. I'm sure now that I can make it through the race next weekend. I'm definitely NOT a runner, so just finishing without walking is the goal.

I'm not fast. I averaged about 11:30 minute mile tonight. It was windy, sort of hot and really humid so maybe I'll be faster come race day.

Hopefully my friend, who's actually a runner, doesn't get bored going at my pace! I've told her she's free to run ahead if she wants. I don't want her to feel like she's running in place. I kid -- sort of.

No photos from tonight's dinner. I made a roasted red pepper sandwich similar to the one I've made before. I used a light vinaigrette to dress the vegetables, added feta and used hummus I made a few days ago. I think that hummus recipe is a keeper, by the way. I usually use a Cooking Light recipe, but I really like the roasted garlic in the recipe I used this time -- much more mellow.

My entire workout burned 600 calories, so the sandwich really hit the spot.

I'm off to chill out and relax. I'm up early for my last photo class tomorrow and then off to Cleveland for a Mother's Day celebration. Have a good weekend!

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