Saturday, January 29, 2011

The cat in the box


I couldn't resist a non-food post today. Last weekend I forgot to bring bags with me to Aldi, and I didn't want to buy bags at the checkout. I saw this box that once had tortilla chips in it and used it to haul home the groceries.

My cat loves when I bring home boxes. She flips out — in the best, funniest way possible. And for some reason, last week was one of the very rare times where she tolerates her photo being taken.

So, I bring you: Bella's Guide to Exploring a New Box.

Give it a good sniff because, you know, it smells different than anything already in the house.

Rub your face all over it so you can make it smell like everything else in the house.

Roll around in it to test out its size.DPP_0023

Examine all potential exits.

Enjoy the box.

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emiglia said...

That's absolutely adorable!