Saturday, May 1, 2010


I'm dragging today. I didn't get much sleep last night, but was still up for my 9 a.m. photo class. I slammed down a Trio bar and headed to class.

I got in the car, made it all the way downtown and got stuck in traffic. Turns out, the half marathon weaves all around the campus of the local art college where I take my classes. There was hardly a way out of the traffic jam, nevermind finding a way to class. Boo.

So, I turned around and went home. Oh well. Next week is supposed to be my last class. The prof will probably try to extend it one more week, but I have the Race for the Cure on May 15 so next week will be it for me.

One word can describe the rest of my afternoon: Errands. The grocery list this week was a monster one:

Grocery List

That's what I get for not really grocery shopping at all last month.

Like usual, my weekend eating is unstructured. I don't really worry too much about my choices. I try to make them healthy ones, though. So, here's the rest of the day's eats in photos. Click the image for more info.

Grilled Turkey and Pepper Jack Sandwich

Venti Iced Coffee w/ Soy

Herb-Crusted Salmon, Pilaf and Veggies

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