Sunday, November 1, 2009

Beef Stew and Stuffed Shells

Beef Stew

A few weeks ago we were talking about costumes in the breakroom and I casually mentioned I went as a nurse one year.

"Like a regular nurse?" my coworker asked. As opposed to a "slutty" nurse, I guess. It does seem like that's all you can find in the costume stores.

But, no, I went as a regular nurse. I wore scrubs, tennis shoes and had a stethoscope. My college has an infamous street party every year and each year I chose costumes that would allow me to layer if it was really cold out so I could spend the most time uptown drunk with my friends. "Slutty" costumes didn't cover much and honestly just look uncomfortable. Maybe I'm weird, but if I'm planning to drink heavily -- I'm going to comfortable doing it :)

My sister actually wore that costume to a Halloween party this year. But not before going through every costume my mom had saved from our childhood. Even the devil costume she wore when she was two. a devil. Sad thing is, the little hat still kind of fit our heads. Wish I had taken a picture. The cape didn't fit, of course, but it didn't stop us from trying.

Most of our costumes were sewn by my mom. Each year we'd pick out a pattern at Jo-Ann Fabric and she'd make it. It was one of my favorite memories. That's why I want to learn to sew. My mom gave me machine last year for Christmas, but I haven't yet learned to use it. I finally signed up for a sewing class and I have one on Tuesday. I don't think we're actually making anything (supplies were pins, scissors, felt, 1/4 yrd of cotton fabric and 1/4 yrd of some kind of batting) but maybe I'll finally figure out how to thread the darn thing.

Anyway, besides the costume hilariousness, I did tons of cooking.

First up, Beef Stew. A cold front moved in and I made it afterall. I did it on the stovetop because I had time, but there's a slow cooker version, too. It's the same recipe except it goes into a slow cooker on low for 7.5 hours instead of a dutch oven for 2.5. It's a standard beef stew that totally hit the spot. I used lean top round and less of it, opting for a few more veggies than it called for to round it out.

Stuffed Shells

Tonight's dinner was ricotta-stuffed shells. The recipe calls for making your own marinara, and if have the time, it's worth making it and having it on hand. I frequently make that marinara for lots of dishes. If you don't have the time, you can used jarred. It takes a weekend recipe to a weeknight recipe by using prepared sauce.

It wasn't anything exceptional, but it's a good solid recipe.

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Anne Marie said...

I loved stuffed shells, but I've never made them. I'll have to give them a try.