Friday, October 30, 2009

French Toast with Fried Apples


This was the view from my window this afternoon. Much better than a beige cubicle wall. It's not the brilliant red it was a few days ago and the leaves are thinning, but it's still pretty.

The only thing about working from home? I feel like such a slug. I haven't left all day. How do people do this day in an out? If I maybe had a significant other it might not be so bad because someone would be at least around at some point, but I definitely don't think I could do this every day. But every once and a while (especially on a Friday) it's nice to work outside of the office.

The temperature was a lot easier to deal with, that's for sure. We're having an Indian summer kind of day.. near 80 degrees. I had the apartment all opened up it. It was beautiful. This is exactly why fall is my favorite season.

Unfortunately, my dinner plans didn't work out. I intended to make a slow cooker beef stew, with the warmer temps it didn't sound good at all. Time for plan B.

Breakfast for dinner.

A few days ago or so I came across this recipe for fried apples. The pictures were drool-worthy and I knew I had to make these as soon as humanly possible.

I was tossing around the idea of making French toast with the last of the 12-grain bread from Nature's Pride that Foodbuzz sent me.

12 grain

This was softer and nuttier than the whole grain, but has less fiber. Usually I buy bread that has at least 3 grams of fiber per slice, but this was probably tastier than the whole grain. And it made a really great French toast. The nuttiness was perfect. Especially topped with these amazingly good apples. I love apple pie and these are basically the filling of the pie (i.e., the best part). There's not even maple syrup on these.. just the delicious syrupy apples. Perfection.

See for yourself:

French Toast with Fried Apples


Tasty Health Food said...

Whoa, that looks awesome. :) Breakfast for dinner in general is awesome!

Fuji Mama said...

So glad you like the apples! We just had them again last night for dessert... :D