Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Thai-Style Shrimp

Thai-Style Shrimp

No matter how often I try to plan ahead, I occaisonally have to improvise. Earlier this week I planned to make the Thai-Style Sea Scallops from the WW site. It's not Core, but you really only need to count the the sesame oil in my opinion. The cornstarch points and sugar points come out to zero when spread over the entire recipe. But again, that's just my opinion on the matter.

When I pulled out the scallops to thaw them, they smelled fishy and had some serious freezer burn — so I had to chuck them. It's a shame. I had shrimp, though, so I thawed those out instead. And you know, It tasted great anyhow. In fact, you could probably even make this with chicken if you didn't like seafood. The sauce was actually pretty good and is versatile enough I don't think it really matters what protein you use, as long as you adjust the cooking time.

I paired it with the asian noodle salad I posted about here and here. I love that salad. It's one of the few dishes I tend to make over and over again.

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