Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Hoisin Chicken Skewers with Asian Noodle Salad

Hoisin Chicken Skewers

Bon Appetit has a new-ish feature on its Web site called the Easy Week. For each weeknight, they offer main dish, side dish, and dessert ideas. Brilliant if you have trouble pairing sides with mains, or if you're just looking for new ideas.

I don't often use these because some of the recipes are too fat-laden, some are even a little too labor intensive. One hour paella? Um, when the directions suggest that it takes an hour, I often find it'll take me an hour and half b/c I'm a little scattered and sometimes inefficient when cooking.

The Hoisin Chicken Skewers, though, stood out. For one, I had two half-finished jars of hoisin sauce. I must have forgotten I had one open and opened another. (Dear God, I'm becoming my mother. Next thing you know I'll have three open boxes of elbow macaroni in my pantry.) Another reason being that the chicken would only take 8 minutes to cook. I'm all over that one.

I paired it with the noodle salad from this post, but I only used the dressing and garnished the noodles with green onions from the farmer's market instead. And yes, I used whole wheat noodles instead of soba. Darn you, Meijers! Why'd you have to stop carrying soba?

Ooh, then fresh, delicious green beans from the farmer's market. Perfect. The meal was as simple, flavorful, and as filling as I thought it would be. Plus, roughly 6 pts. per serving according to my old-school points tracker.

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