Monday, June 2, 2008

Spicy Vegetable Ragout over Polenta

Spicy Vegetable Ragout over Polenta

This spicy vegetable ragout not only sounded good, it was highly rated on Cooking Light's website. That's why when I took a spoonful of ragout and tasted it while it was cooking, I was confused. It was bland and flavorless.

How did it get such good reviews? It tasted awful. Well, not inedible, but it wasn't something I wanted to eat.

But I misjudged the dish. When paired with the polenta, the ragout came alive. It was not longer the bland vegetable dish I was so worried about. What a relief. I was afraid this dish would be a dumper. I've made only one thing in two years that was bad enough to dump in the trash and I was hoping this one wouldn't break my streak.

In the interest of time, I didn't use broiled polenta. I left the polenta soft. You could also use premade polenta in a log and broil that.. but because the vegetables are so bland, it's really a better idea to make the polenta yourself. If you're on Core, like me, you'll have to use ff parm or soy parm to make it completely Core. Otherwise, you can do what I did and count points for the cheese.

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