Thursday, June 5, 2008

Pork au Poivre

Pork au Poivre

Whenever pork tenderloin is on sale I buy one of the big packages with two tenderloin. Out of the most recent package and made the pork with mustard sauce and this week, I make Pork au Poivre with a red wine reduction sauce.

The pork is a basic recipe. The sauce is really good. You know it's good when you're standing over the stove eating it by the spoonful. YUM. It has red wine in it, which isn't Core, but comes out to less than a point per serving.

On the side, I made steamed red potatoes and creamed spinach. Of course, the spinach was points, but a delicious way to get in your greens. Pulling tough stems off two bags of leafy spinach took a while, but was well worth the effort in the end. I'm just a fan of frozen spinach. But if you are, you could thaw it and make your life easier.

What's your favorite way to serve pork tenderloin?

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