Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Garden tomatoes = YUM

This past weekend I got some really good looking tomatoes from the North Market's Farmers Market. I think I planned just to add them to a salad to go with corn chowder (I also picked up some gorgeous sweet corn) but they were so red and juicy I decided to put off the corn chowder until Friday and make some BLTs instead.

You might think BLTs would not be WW-friendly. Again, using some clever swap outs, it's very easy to recreate it in a point-friendly manner. Instead of white bread, I used toasted whole wheat. Then, I opted for light mayo and center cut bacon. Center cut tastes like bacon b/c it actually IS real bacon. Unlike that turkey bacon crud my mom tried to feed me whenever she was trying to eat better. It's only 2 pts for two slices. Maybe 2.5 depending on the brand and whether you count half points. I don't b/c my old school points slider doesn't mark half points. Anyhow. It's not as flavorful as real bacon, so I'll buy that if I'm eating only a slice, or if I need a slice or two for an entire recipe to impart bacon flavor.

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Chikki said...

This looks good, and here I am hungry at 11pm...not good to look at pics of food at this time! ;-) I'm on WW too, been at a standstill for a bit though.