Friday, May 30, 2008

Gnocchi with Broccoli Rabe, Caramelized Garlic, and Parmesan

Gnocchi with Broccoli Rabe, Caramelized Garlic, and Parmesan

In general, I challenge myself to try new vegetables. When growing up, my mom made three or four different kinds of vegetables -- mostly frozen green beans, broccoli, and maybe corn. Rarely, because I didn't care for them much, frozen peas.

I was fine with that when I was young. I think some kids could eat the same five items over and over again. (Chicken nuggets, anyone?) But as an adult, I want to try as many new things as possible.

I usually breeze past the greens and lettuces along the wall of the produce department. But a couple of weeks ago (and before I started back on Core), I picked up a bunch of broccoli rabe. It has leaves but spinach, but with small florets like broccoli. And while slightly bitter, it seems to taste close to broccoli.

It paired in this meal with garlic, parm, and gnocchi. A delcious way to fit in your green veggies in my opinion. Add a ton of garlic and cheese to anything and I'll probably eat it. With it was a red onion and orange salad, a little weird, but ok. I'll make the gnocchi again, I'm sure, but I probably won't make the salad.

What are some new vegetables you've tried lately?

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emiglia said...

I tried a red onion and orange salad once... I think it was Rachael Ray's. It called for grilled potatoes as well, so I thought, heck, why not grill the onions while I'm at it. It made it SO much better. I served the whole thing tossed with mesclun greens, and it made the combination a lot less "weird" than it would have been if it had just been the oranges and onions. If you decide to try it again, I would go this route, even if you decide not to include the points-heavier potatoes.