Friday, June 29, 2007


Sushi! I didn't have a lunch planned for today so I stopped by the grocery store where they make fresh sushi each week day. Today it was a woman making it, but it's usually some dude. Sushi is a great low-point option for dining out. DBF and I go to this great little place in Gahanna. I usually order the endamame and the sushi sampler, and he gets something Chinese. Well, last time he ordered Pad Thai, which is Thai. This place has a little of everything and better than your average chinese takeout. It's in a little strip mall and it's very unassuming, but sometimes, the best places are like that.

Anyhow, today I opted for a sampler and I picked up an instant miso soup packet, which by the way is only 35 calories per packet. Yay! I heart sushi and miso soup. It just brightens an otherwise crappy day.

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