Thursday, March 15, 2007

That was then.. this is now

Sometimes I think people look at the stats I have posted in my WW message board signature and think I'm there trying to lose only 20 pounds. Or, think I'm a newbie because I have only lost 10 pounds from my "start" weight. My start weight was acutally somewhere in the 160s, close to the 170s, I think. It's been so long it's hard to remember.

It's kind of hard to tell from the pictures, but I can see the weight loss in my face.. and maybe arms. Here are two of me from October 2001. I joined WW for the first time in January 2002, back when it was winning points.

Here's one of me from when I was 150ish. Just about when I started WW in 2005, I was up from 128, which is where I stopped in March 2004.

The reason I went back to WW in 2005? Among others, it was because the then-DBF's ex called me fat.

Oh well. Here's This one from a couple of months ago, I am about 136ish right now. I would like to be in the 120s again. I realize it doesn't look that much different.. again, you kind of have to see me in person to see it, I suppose. I notice it in photos, and people who haven't seen me since 2005 notice it, but that's about it.

Me and my DBF, who I like a whole of a lot better than the last one :)

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Megan said...

You are beautiful!

I am trying to drop the last 5-7 pounds...again! I joined WW in 2002 - lost 25 pounds and then over the course of time gained most of it back! So...Jan 1st 2007 I joined again, this time I hope it clicks...13 down...a few more to go!