Monday, March 12, 2007

Salmon patties.. two ways

Here I go again, eating the same thing twice in one day. Sometimes, I really hate living alone. I just don't like to waste food. Food costs a lot and I spend a fair amount of my budget on food. So, I try to get the stated number of servings out of each recipe, and actually eat them. I don't like to toss food out, if I don't have to. So yesterday, I was supposed to take the salmon patties to work for dinner. But, I was running late and had to eat out instead.

So, in the interest of nothing going bad, I present salmon patties, two ways. Lunch was a salmon pattie with the cilantro endamame pesto, with couscous and a salad. Dinner will be this:

I will eat more fries than that, yes. The photo only has a few b/c when I made them on Saturday I was picking at the fries while I waiting for the "burgers" to be done.

Good thing is I get to have Polenta Lasagna for lunch tomorrow. :)

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