Monday, September 22, 2008

Green Bean, Ham and Fontina Frittata

Green Bean, Ham and Fontina Frittata

This weekend the boyfriend and I stopped to get a late lunch while we were out running are usual Saturday errands: the library, grocery store, etc. But because we ate a large lunch at 1:30 p.m., it was just past 8 p.m. when we even got a little hungry.

Not wanting a big dinner, I decided on this Green Bean, Ham and Cheese Frittata. Frittatas are my favorite go-to light meal. They're filling without being heavy. And most, like this one, just call for a few vegetables cooked in a pan, top with beaten eggs and shredded cheese mixture let it set up a bit, and throw it in the oven to finish cooking. Mostly hands-off.

I actually only made one swap in this recipe. I was cooking with what I had on-hand and I was out of scallions. So, I swapped it for regular onion. One note I might make: the ham I bought was super salty, so if your ham is salty do yourself the favor and leave out some of the salt. Mine came out tasting overly salty.

Otherwise, the boyfriend thought it was one of the better frittatas I've ever made. At the very least, it didn't come out as flat as a pancake like usual. Maybe it's because I used the eight whole eggs like the recipe called for. Without any modifications, the recipe is 9 points per serving. You can make it lower points by using a combination of whole eggs and egg whites, or you can use less cheese or use a lower fat cheese.

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