Wednesday, October 28, 2009

In praise of frozen dinners

Meat Sauce

This doesn't look like a frozen dinner does it? Well it is. A homemade one.

A few weeks ago I attempted to make a slow cooker meatball dish that went awry. It dried out majorly, the meatballs fell apart and it ended up a thick meat sauce that wasn't even that good.

I had a ton of it so I froze it anyway. It was a good idea because it became dinner tonight.

After another long day at work I stumbled in hungry and not wanting to cook. Buca was giving away a pound of dried pasta with some special deal on Monday and my coworker didn't want it, so I decided to quickly defrost and heat the meat sauce to go with it.

I thought it was dry before I froze it and it was even drier after defrosting. To make it more saucy I threw in a can of diced tomatoes.

Meat Sauce

Not the best meat sauce, but it worked well tonight given my mood. And sometimes that's the most important.

What frozen dinners do you have in your freezer?

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