Sunday, October 18, 2009

Roasted Pork with Root Vegetables

Roast Pork with Root Vegetables

Busy busy day. I got back into the gym for the first time in like two weeks. Work has been so busy I haven't had a chance to work out in the afternoon. It was a tough run today.. funny how two weeks off seem to really make a difference.

I also did a ton of cooking. I made meatballs and marinara to throw in the slow cooker tomorrow morning, made pumpkin ice cream and even roasted pork and root vegetables for dinner. I started with the recipe but changed it up some. I used parsnips, carrots, potatoes and garlic for the vegetables, for one. And, the vegetables could really go 30-40 minutes in my opinion. Mine went close-ish to 30 and they were quite done. Next time I may start the veg when I brown the meat, and then throw the meat in the pan with the vegetables. After 20 minutes or so I'd take the meat out, whenever it gets to about 155 in the center, and let it rest while the vegetables keep cooking.

Breakfast was a little less successful. I tried to make the stuffed french toast with toaster waffles. BIG FAIL. I used pumpkin butter in between two waffles and soaked in a egg mixture of 2 egg whites and an egg with cinnamon and vanilla soy milk. Definitely works better with cinnamon bread like I used a while back. The pumpkin butter on waffles was good, though. Just a little too soggy with the egg.

Waffle French Toast

Almost looked good. Oh well, can't win every time, right?

What did you all cook this weekend?

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