Saturday, May 2, 2009

Vegetable Soup

Vegetable Soup

This soup was a dud. A big, fat dud. And I was so disappointed. The photo with the recipe I used looked great. But in the end, it tasted like it was missing something.

Plus, it looks just like a bowl of green vegetables with broth, despite the fact I had roasted grape tomatoes in there and added corn for color. Maybe I was expecting too much from the soup.

I had a crappy week at work. One day I'm stopping random strangers asking to take video of them for the intranet. Not surprising, people were not exactly welcome to the idea. In a large corporation, most people would like to stay anonymous and just do their jobs, I think. There are always people who love the spotlight, but those are few and far between and my chance of finding one of those by standing in the lobby and stopping random strangers on their way to lunch aren't good.

And there was lots more nonsense on Thursday morning. So I came home, tired, still a little angry from the morning's events, and wet from the constant downpour. Soup sounded good, but this one so wasn't.

I had to eat it the next day for lunch, too. I had an all-day training session yesterday and eating lunch in the cafeteria on a Friday is never an option, unless you love greasy fried fish.

I will say it got a little better the next day. But definitely not worth making again.

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