Friday, May 22, 2009

Chipotle Nachos

Chipotle Nachos

It feels like it should be much later than it actually is. They let us leave at 2:30 today, which was a pleasant surprise. Too bad much of the day was stressful.

I worked off the stress downstairs in the gym before I left and even had time to get the carpet cleaner from my parents. Since I have a long weekend and all, I thought I would catch up on some overdue chores on Monday while it's supposed to rain. I can also maybe get some planting done on my little balcony this weekend. I'm planning to plant basil, maybe chives, and some other herbs.. whatever I can find. I don't have a green thumb, so I'm hoping just to find mature plants to stick in some dirt. I might buy another planter and put a few flowers in them as well. Who knows.

Last night's dinner is nothing to write about (a fried egg sandwich — my favorite quick meal) and today's lunch was a riff on this salad minus the cheese but with grilled salmon instead of chicken. It was also over arugula instead of spinach and mixed greens.

The other night, though, I did make Chipotle Nachos. They're supposed to be vegetarian, but I'm not generally a fan of faux meat substitutes, so I used 93/7 ground beef instead. It was on special this week for $2.79 a pound, which is UNHEARD of.

I used my favorite baked chips — the blue corn baked ones from Trader Joe's. Overall this wasn't terrible, but it wasn't my favorite either. I loved all of the toppings except for the beef/bean mixture. It just didn't have enough oomph. I prefer my taco meat to have a kick.

So far, I think I like the taco filling I usually make better. I could always add beans to that and cut back on the beef the recipe calls for.

Tonight's dinner is in process and I'll post about that tomorrow. Apparently I'm craving bar food because I'm making homemade pizza tonight. :)

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