Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Gnocchi with Summer Vegetables


I was ravenous yesterday. I snacked all day long. And I was legitimately hungry. Believe it or not, I know the difference. The problem is stopping myself from eating too much.

Last night I had a mishap while making dinner. I piled some portobello mushrooms and pita to grill to make this recipe on a plate and set it on the side of the grill. Then, I proceeded to scrub down the grill with the bristle brush. Not my brightest idea. I have an el cheapo grill that wobbled back and forth while I scrubbed and knocked the plate off food off the grill. It landing top down on the deck, ruining dinner. Ugh.

Luckily was much, much better. No falling food and no eating everything that's not nailed down.

Considering my dinner mishap there were no photos, but I did make Gnocchi with Summer Vegetables on Sunday night. I was actually looking for a way to use up the ton of zucchini I have. For some reason I'm compelled to buy the 3-pack at Aldi. And one person doesn't really need three giant zucchini.

But then I found this recipe and it was fantastic. Even my coworkers noticed how good it looked and smelled the next day. And that's saying a lot. Leftovers don't often look appetizing no matter what they are.

Plus, this was another simple recipe that even the cooking impaired could handle. Just saute a large zucchini with salt, pepper, and a garlic clove or two in oil while you're cooking the gnocchi by the package's directions. Add in some halved grape tomatoes, cook for a couple more minutes, then add in some of the cooking water, the gnocchi, some chopped basil and a sprinkling of parmesan.

I know it will be even better when summer vegetable start making their appearance at farmers markets. I do plan to plant some basil when it gets warm and stays warm, and my mom planted a couple of tomato plants this summer that I can steal from.

In other words, I'll definitely make this again.

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