Thursday, April 2, 2009

Lighter Beef Chili - Take Two

Lighter Beef Chili

Ugh. This day started off rough and it's my own dumb fault. I blew off exercise last night and sat on my butt watching TV. Then, I couldn’t fall asleep and ended up being awake past 12:30 a.m. I struggled to be awake before 7 a.m. this morning.

Feeling tired in the morning is a recipe for disaster. Chocolate chocolate chip cookies were sitting in the empty cube across from mine — calling my name. I caved around 10:30 and had one. Oops.

I even flirted with the idea of ditching my lunch and buying it in the cafeteria. But not surprising, today's cafeteria options sounded more disgusting than my leftovers.

After lunch, I slugged more coffee and it gave me a short pick-me-up. But I was already feeling the crash by 4 p.m. And I was facing a busy evening of stopping by the library to drop off my overdue books, the grocery store to pick up breakfast goodies for the office’s breakfast for charity thing tomorrow, exercising, blogging, cooking dinner and after dinner clean up and folding the three giant baskets of laundry that have been sitting in the middle of my kitchen since Sunday.

Even if I weren’t exhausted, looking at that to-do list is tiring. Maybe I’m trying to accomplish too much. By the end of the day, I just felt inspired to finish something. Maybe it was the gorgeous weather.

Because I was so lazy last night, though, I failed to cook the pinto beans for tonight’s chili, so I ended up throwing in black beans instead. Then I added a handful or so of frozen corn and some cumin, and used fire-roasted diced tomatoes instead of plain — just because it sounded good. Like I said, I felt inspired. I liked it the first time I made it, but I think this was a fun twist. In fact, I really liked it this way.

I also made a boxed corn bread mix, but lightened it with egg beaters and skim milk. I’m generally not a fan of egg beaters, but I don’t notice the difference in most baked goods.

I’m a day behind on my full disclosure food journal.. so here's yesterday and today.

Breakfast: Smoothie made with ¾ cup nonfat vanilla soymilk, ½ large banana, 3 tbsp orange juice, 5 oz. frozen strawberries and a slice of Great Harvest honey whole wheat with a tbsp natural PB on the side

Lunch: Leftover spicy asian noodle dish with the snow pea and water chestnuts on the side. I don’t think I’ll share the photo, it didn’t look that appetizing. Oh, and an apple.

Snack: ½ cup of the leftover tuna salad with 4 Kashi party crackers. Meant to eat only 2 crackers, but I was snacky.

Dinner: Chicken and chorizo fajitas, which were a take off the fajitas I order at a local Mexican joint. They were good, but not as good as the Mexican place. Probably healthier though.

Late Snack/Dessert: 2 small corn tortillas (snacked while cleaning up the kitchen. Ugh.) and yogurt with strawberries.

Breakfast: Ezekiel sprouted grain English muffin, roma tomato, slice of 2% cheddar.

Snack: Cookie. Oh well.

Lunch: leftover fajitas, apple

Snack: 2 oz. lean ham, 1 tbsp light cream cheese wrapped around green bell pepper slices.

Dinner: Chili and cornbread. Yum. Looks like I’m light on veg again today. Cornbread counts, right?

Dessert: Yogurt and strawberries… again. I heart them.

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