Monday, April 6, 2009

Spanish Tortilla with Bell Pepper

Spanish Tortilla

I'm not sure this picture captures just how colorful this dish is. It's really impressive looking, actually. And it looks a lot harder than it actually was. Just sliced yukon gold potatoes, red pepper and onion with egg and parsley.

Super simple and delicious. I made this even healthier by using only 4 whole eggs and using egg beaters for the other 4 the recipe calls for. When you mix the two, you can't even tell the difference. After my cookie-fest on Friday night, I needed a lighter menu on Saturday to balance the gluttony. And not only was this Spanish Tortilla with Bell Pepper good for dinner, it was just as good for breakfast the next day. It's just a good anytime kind of meal. My version only came out to 5 points, too.

I returned to a healthy balance of food today, thankfully. And even squeezed in another C25k session this afternoon. I love working out at work now. It's so easy to make excuses after work when I'm tired and hungry.

Breakfast: 2 slices cinnamon raisin bread, toasted and topped with 2 tbsp part skim ricotta, large banana
Lunch: Macaroni and Cheese frozen dinner (it's all I had on hand), big salad with mixed greens, cukes and tomato, 1 oz. feta, 2 tsp evoo and a dash of vinegar
Snack: small apple and 1 tbsp almond butter, 1 cup skim milk
Dinner: Red beans and rice with andouille sausage, loads of roasted broccoli
Snack: 5 oz. plain greek yogurt, fresh strawberries and drizzle of honey

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