Friday, April 10, 2009

Oikos Greek Yogurt

Oikos Greek Yogurt

I have been so busy at work. It's definitely feast or famine. Monday was slow and dull and I wanted to poke my eyes out. But Tuesday afternoon, Wednesday and Thursday morning were rush rush rush. And unfortunately, exercise and eating well were the first things to go when the going got tough.

I would have continued to work out, but a last minute request caused me to miss my afternoon workout. Same thing Wednesday, and today, well, I had no idea what to expect so I didn't even bother bringing a change of clothing. Sure, I could've pushed myself to go after work this week, but I'm tired, hungry and the gym is packed. Like most, I make a zillion and one excuses.

But I do look forward to getting back into the swing of things.

I didn't even cook much this week. I did try a new yogurt, though. Stoneyfield Farm was kind enough to send some coupons my way so I could try their greek yogurt, Oikos Organic. I've had Fage before, but I hadn't tried Oikos, and I hadn't yet tried a flavored greek yogurt.

So far, I've tried the plain and the blueberry, but I'm wanting to try the honey and the vanilla if I can find them.

Overall, they're good. The blueberry was higher in Weight Watcher's Points than some of the other nonfat yogurts I eat. Probably because it has regular sugar instead of the artificial sugar most have. The blueberry does have a better taste and texture than other blueberry flavored fat free yogurts and it was the fruit at the bottom kind.

The plain had similar nutritionals as other plain yogurt, but I believe greek yogurt has more protein. Some say protein gives it staying power, but honestly, I didn't notice a different in my fullness. I like the texture of nonfat plain greek yogurt over regular plain nonfat yogurt, mostly because definitely doesn't do that weird separating thing. And maybe it's in my head, but it doesn't seem as tangy, which I like.

But even though I really liked it, I'm not likely to buy this very often. For one, it's really difficult to find. I used the product locator on their website and it said it was at the Kroger closest to me, but it wasn't. I did find the plain and blueberry at Whole Foods, but they were out of the honey, and they didn't even stock the vanilla. I don't normally shop at either store, so both trips were a little out of my way.

Plus, like all brands of greek yogurt, it's pricey. At whole foods they were 1.99 for a 5.3 ounce cup. I'm not only wasting gas trying to find the yogurt, but I'm paying a lot for it. It's organic, which is good for the environment, but I feel like driving all over creation kind of negates it.

Still, I'm looking forward to trying the other flavors — if I can find them. Also wondering how the price and flavor compares to their regular nonfat organic yogurt.

As for my food journal — I haven't been journaling at all. I know, terrible!

But here's yesterday's eats. It's not good. We also ended up going out as a family for our "Easter" dinner since my sister was home last night. It was not healthy in the least. I'm off to a better start today, thankfully.

Breakfast: Oats from the cafeteria with maybe a tbsp each of brown sugar, granola, and dried cranberries. I think it was about a 12 ounce styrofoam container. Plus a giant coffee. Good to be caffeinated even though I got about 10 hours of sleep last night.
Lunch: Enchiladas from the cafeteria, with a side of steamed mixed veggies. They claimed the enchiladas were 460 calories per serving. The veggies were just plain frozen veggies cooked without oil or butter. None of tasted very good.
Snack: PB cookie in the breakroom. Ugh. I always fall for the cookies.
Dinner: Blackened Tilapia sandwich and fries. I caved big time.

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thecleanveggie said...

i love okios yogurt, but stop & shop prices it higher than fage, which is kind of expense :\

great eats =]