Tuesday, October 14, 2008

From the Archives: Hummus Sesame Noodles

Hummus Sesame Noodles

This week I'm snacking on hummus. I love hummus. In fact, I might be inclined to buy a giant tub from Costco although it's only me eating it.

Sometimes I make my own.

But if it's only just me, then what do I do with the leftovers? That's an easy one. I make Hummus Sesame Noodles. I made my version with whole wheat noodles. And this recipe fits well into my new "economical" meal kick.

Store-bought hummus can be pricey, but homemade is super cheap (especially if you used dried garbanzos to start with). You can buy only the amount of peanuts you need by hitting up the bulk bins and if your store is like mine, I can can choose how many snow peas you buy.

Looking back on the original post, I wasn't a fan of the raw ones. But you can also buy them frozen, for not a lot of money, too. I should make this again soon.

Maybe I'll be buying the vat o' hummus afterall because I'm now craving this and feeling bit lazy.

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