Friday, May 9, 2008

Berry French Toast

I love French toast. Scratch that. I love all sweet breakfast foods. This Berry French Toast is a great weekend breakfast that's a snap to make.

Unlike a lot of berry compotes, this one calls for frozen berries. So, no need to make a last-minute shopping trip. Plus, at 374 calories, it feels like a splurge, but it's really not. It's certainly healthier than some of my favorite lazy-day breakfasts.

What are your favorite point-friendly weekend breakfasts?

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Laura said...

Hey Jen! I love reading your blog, I found you through the WW message boards. I'm not as quite a dedicated cooker as you. But for a nice weekend treat, I love to make pancakes (Aunt Jemima's "complete" mix) with diced dried apricots and papayas. Season some ricotta with splenda and lemon zest, spread on top of the pancakes and top with more dried fruit. Super yummy and really pretty.