Monday, March 10, 2008

Tofu Fried Rice

A few months ago some friends and I went to a mongolian BBQ place -- those make-your-own stir fry places. I generally don't trust them. Raw meat sitting out buffet style. Um, don't think so. Plus, I've known people who have had plenty of bad experiences with these places. So, when everyone wants to go there, I go with the safest choices. Vegetables. And if I'm feeling adventurous, tofu.

A friend of mine recently decided to go vegetarian. Because vegetarianism is so new to her, she hadn't yet tried tofu. It's a little scary, I admit. And the texture is off-putting to some. But, if you know how to marinate it and cook it. It's really good.

Some tofu recipes are better than others. I recently tried a fried rice recipe, which ended up being a one of the better tofu recipes I tried. The key to tofu is to dry it out really well and get a good crust on it. Like when you sear meat, if the pan isn't hot enough or the tofu is too wet, you aren't going to get good results. It doesn't look like much of a crust in the photo, but it actually browned up fairly well and was surprisingly tasty.

If you're just too scared of tofu, you could use shrimp or chicken or even pork. Any kind of protein you like in a fried rice.


Anonymous said...

This comment is not about the tofu, I wanted to ask why you don't list the point value of your meals? Also wanted to say hi, I also live in Ohio, (Cincinnati)


Jen said...

I leave it up to everyone to run it through points tracker or determine the points using the NI.

I've considered making more of an effort to include NI when it isn't available.

Thanks for the tip!