Monday, March 24, 2008

Crispy Tilapia Sandwiches

tilapia sandwich

I can't believe I'm admitting this, but my favorite McDonald's sandwich is the Filet o' Fish. No joke. I love those things. Greasy, cheese-covered goodness. I'm so ashamed.

I blame my mother. And not in that generic "my mother is the root of all my problems" kind of way. It really is her fault. She introduced me to them when I was in college. Darn her.

A close, better tasting cousin to the Filet o' Fish is the good old fish and chips, which I drown in ketchup. I've been told that's disgusting, but I swear it's good. Try it.

Clearly, the Filet o' Fish and fish and chips is not an everyday part of my Weight Watchers plan. I suppose, in the interest of finding something close to fried fish that's also fewer points, fish sticks might fit the bill. They might be healthier than what you get at restaurants because you can bake them, but why settle for childish fish sticks with you can make a more grown-up Crispy Tilapia Sandwich?

I think the most fun part is the fish is actually coated in fat-free saltines. I don't know if anyone else has this problem, but I alway seem to have a random box of saltines leftover from the last time I had the flu. I rarely eat the crackers plain because it reminds me of the last time I was sick, but heck, crunch them up and coat a piece of fish and I'll gladly gobble them up.

I made one change to the original recipe because I'm budget conscious. It called for Dijonnaise, which judging by the name is dijon mustard and mayo. Who needs to buy the product when you can mix it yourself? I certainly don't.

Tilapia is a fishier tasting fish, in my opinion, so I might use a milder fish. Other than that, it successfully nipped my Filet o' Fish craving in the bud.

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