Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Granola French Toast

I indulged myself a couple of weekends ago. I decided to try Rachael Ray's granola french toast. When I mean indulge, I mean 20 points per serving. YIKES.

I'm not sure it was worth the full 20 points. But, if I'm going to spend 2o points in one meal, Sunday brunch is a great time. I usually wake up late, eat a big breakfast and that holds me until 2 or 3 ish when I grab a snack that lasts until my usual dinner time.

The original recipe had this awesome looking raspberry sauce which I will eventually try. I chose to top it plain blueberries because the only raspberries in the store were moldy looking and the blueberries were much fresher. Maybe I'll use that raspberry sauce to top some oatmeal pancakes next weekend.


emiglia said...

Yikes indeed! The only food I spend 20 points on is a croque madame... and even then, I end up kicking myself later.

This looks delicious though... you're tempting me...

Jen said...

You're right.. it's a ton of points. But, if I get 22 I end eating a 3-point snack and an 8-point dinner, that's using 11 points over. If I go for a run that day.. that's only 5 flex used.

I can justify anything.

Christina said...

yummmmmmmers I want some now :0