Monday, March 31, 2008

Fresh Angel-Hair Pasta with Bacon and Peas

angel-hair pasta with bacon and peas

Weeknights call for superfast meals. Sometimes I get home from work and I just don't feel like dealing with making dinner. On those nights, fresh pasta helps get the food to the table faster. Even better, it's a little tastier.

Fresh Angel-Hair Pasta with Bacon and Peas
is on the table in 20 minutes. It wasn't a really flavorful dish. It didn't have any spice, but it was creamy and the bacon provided a great smoky accent. To keep points lower, I used centercut bacon.

Fresh pasta is a little pricer than dried -- so I don't buy it much, but on those nights where I want to spend as little time cooking as possible, I reach for it first.

Nutritional Info (with regular bacon): 361 calories/9.2 grams of fat/4.2 grams of fiber

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Michelle said...

Love your blog. I'm going to be trying some of the recipes you found soon.