Tuesday, May 22, 2007

I am omelette impaired

Hi, my name is Jen and I can't make omelettes. There, I admitted it. I can roast a chicken just right, I make a great pot of soup, but I just can't make an omelette.

Last week I was browsing Martha Stewart's Web site, and she had a pictorial on how to make an omelette. I may have successfully made one in 6th grade home ec, but since then, not so much. Either it burns or doesn't fold over or the cheese never gets melty.. or like today, all of the above plus dropping half on the floor. (I'm not kidding.)

It tastes like an omelette should. All of its cheesey, hammy, asparagusy goodness. It just looks like flat scrambled eggs on a plate with some toppings piled on it. It doesn't make that neat little pocket of filling. If there's one thing I want to master before I die.. it's making an omelette. So if anyone has a video pictorial they have found, please share. Or upload it to YouTube or something and help a gal make the real deal, folded over and all.

In other news, I have a camera (sans the pic of the fugly omlette). Well, not the fancy pants camera, just the cord for the borrowed one. The fancy pants camera was on sale for 599.99. Ugh. Some day...

As promised, here are pictures of the spiced shrimp and red onion saute and the mushroom and pea quinoa risotto.

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