Wednesday, May 2, 2007

Cinco de Mayo... well.. not quite

I won't be in town for Cinco de Mayo — so it has been a fiesta of sorts at my house all week. Monday. DBF and I made chicken enchiladas, refried beans, and a mixed greens salad with mandarin oranges, red onion, and honey vinaigrette.

The refried beans were from Food Network's show, "Healthy Appetite." I've made several of her recipes and liked each one a lot. I learned a good way of making hot chocolate from her. It's in my very first post if you're interested. Seriously, these beans are MUCH better than canned.. and take about 10 minutes to prepare. I'll be adding some leftovers to a baked potato later this week. The enchiladas aren't the best recipe out there, but they make a decent enough weeknight meal. I would make my own enchilada sauc next time, though, so I can save the point. Canned enchilada sauce just isn't worth it in my opinion.

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