Tuesday, May 29, 2007

A berry good breakfast

All right, it's a lame title. Forgive me, I'm tired and have a sore throat. There's whiskey and hot tea with lemon brewing in a mug next to my computer. Whiskey is the magic ingredient in my tea that makes everything all better. And yes, I'm counting the 2 pts. for it.

This morning I started off my day with oatmeal made with skim milk and topped it with fresh strawberries and sugar in the raw. Sugar in the raw is one of those things in the points calculator that doesn't make any sense. If you search for it by name, it comes up as .5 pts. But, if you put in the nutritionals from the box, (20/0/0) you get 0 pts. I don't ever use more than a packet at a time and only once a day. And not even every day. So, I figure counting it as 0 pts. won't hurt.

Up next is Red Beans and Brown Rice. I think the recipe is off the back of a Goya kidney beans can, but I honestly can't remember if that's the exact recipe. I just wing it and call it red beans and rice. More about that tomorrow.

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