Friday, February 23, 2007

Thank God It's Friday

Uncle! I'm crying uncle when it comes to the chili. I've seriously had enough. There better be some not so chili-like chili at lunch. I could just eat my dinner for lunch and hope that the pasta and salad they're serving at job #2 is point-friendly. Maybe if I weren't planning to go out for a beer.. or maybe if I didn't just eat TWO of these muffins (luckily they're only 2 pts a piece!) I would consider it. But, I've been lax this week a bit... so maybe for the sake of hopefully seeing a one pound loss, I should stick with the plan for the day. Also must confess to about five Hershey Kisses from the drawer at job #2. It was slow and someone brought in candy. I'll cut my egg and toast snack I have planned Saturday and be fine.

It kills me, btw, that my only muffin wrappers are birthday ones. It's all I could find. Apparently I only need muffin wrappers when they're out of regular ones. Or maybe I'm just dumb and can't find the normal ones. The last package was Scooby-Doo. I served my coworkers raspberry cream cheese muffins in green Scooby-Doo wrappers. Nothing says gourmet muffins like Scooby.

And no Oatmeal-Spice cookies. I was just too tired after work to care. Thirteen hours takes a toll eventually. Tossing chili in the Crockpot was about all I can handle. And finishing the last 1/4 of the Negro Modelo left from the chili and watching the Grey's episode I DVR'ed.

To come tomorrow: Egg Fried Rice and Egg Drop Soup.

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