Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Snow Day!

Today's Menu

It was another snow day for me. I think I'll actually be GLAD to go back to work tomorrow. Really. I'm starting to get sick of being stuck in the house. I napped most of the day, honestly.

When I wasn't napping it was probably because it was a meal time. I made the WW recipe for Southwestern Turkey sandwich. What makes the sandwich "southwestern" is the mayo. It's about a tablespoon of light mayo per sandwich with some cumin, cilantro, lime zest, ground red pepper, and some lime juice. I added some chili powder for a little extra zing.

Dinner is more of the stew. I'll probably eat it for dinner tomorrow night, too. Then it's done. Friday and Saturday will probably be canned soup or frozen meals. I might make a quick pasta and veggies for Friday, though, since I have some crushed tomatoes left over from the soup that is going to go bad. Saturday will definitely be something frozen. Sunday I'm planning a gorgonzola pizza that I'm really excited about. I'll make my own dough for that. Yay!

Here's hoping I can get out of the house tomorrow!

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