Tuesday, February 13, 2007

I Must Be Psychic...

Today's Menu

Yesterday I got all my grocery shopping done for the week. And it's a good thing, too. It's a wintery mess today. Earlier they were calling for up to seven inches of snow. The roads are kind of messy, so it turns out I had the perfect menu planned for the week. Yum, stew. The list in my chicken scratch...

So yesterday I made Brunswick Stew w/ Smoked Paprika from Cooking Light. I made this last winter and really liked it. This time I made my own chicken stock. It's insanely tasty.. but I do need to add salt. It's definitely under seasoned. Which I guess isn't a surprise considering I didn't use the canned stock it called for. Ate it for dinner last night and reheated it for lunch today along with the homemade honey wheat rolls I made in my bread machine. Not having a stand mixer with a dough hook (and b/c I'm lazy) I really like the fact that the machine I "borrowed" from my mom does all the kneading for me.. and the first rise, too. Added a diet Hansen's root beer for good measure. It's just OK. I'm not sold on it. I found it at TJs.

Stay warm today! I know I will be eating my soup and hoping for another snow day! :)

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