Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Moroccan Skillet Chicken with Pine Nut Couscous

Moroccan Skillet Chicken with Pine Nut Couscous

Happy Wednesday. It is Wednesday, right? For some reason I'm discombobulated this week. I've been pretty busy at work.

Plus, several nights of staying up later than I should makes for a sleepy hump day. And it was gray and stormy most of the day.

Most of today was a blur and consisted of one task on my to list to the next. FUN. At least I feel like I accomplished a lot. And I fit in a workout, which I'm very happy about. I burned quite a few calories on the elliptical. It never feels as torturous as running, but I burn more calories. Go figure. I use a heart rate monitor so I'm not guessing at it.

Tonight's dinner was even pretty tasty. Moroccan Skillet Chicken with Pine Nut Couscous. I had my doubts as it was starting to come together and I was pretty sure it was the ugliest food I've made in a while. But it turned out pretty great. I love that mix of spices in general. And I LOVE LOVE LOVE olives. Always have.

The original recipe needed some help to make it healthier. I cut out the butter completely, cut back on the oil and used less couscous. I prefer to go lighter on the grains and choose a side veggie anyhow — especially when it's like this meal that doesn't have a lot of veg already in it.

OK.. it's a short one for me tonight. I'm off to watch Twilight. I saw the movie, then read the book, so I figured I'd rewatch the movie. I'm not a crazy fan of the books or the movie, but I thought they were both entertaining enough. I'm on the third book now and it's an easy read I don't have to think much about.. in other words.. a beach read. Every once and while I like to read those kinds of things, ya know?

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Rose said...

That looks outstanding. Great colors too.