Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Coffee-Break Muffins

Coffee-Break Muffins

These are probably in my top five favorite muffins ever. And if you like coffee-flavored treats, I'm positive they'll be at the top of your list, too. I first made them more than a year ago back when I worked at my last company. Every month we had a staff meeting and each meeting someone was charged with bringing a snack.

I brought these.

In the middle of going over the table of contents for the upcoming issue my boss interrupted himself. "Oh man, these are good."

I made them again for a birthday breakfast at my current company and they were devoured. Since my blueberry muffins didn't go over as well at the last birthday celebration, (might have been because I left out the honey on accident) I made these again.

Not only do they taste great, I have all the ingredients in my pantry. Instant espresso might be a unique ingredient, but other than that, you probably have the ingredients on hand. And considering crappy danish at the grocery store goes for $5 or more, if it's something I can whip up without spending any extra money, I'm in.

Did I mention they are delicious?

Unfortunately the glut of baked goods people brought in today meant not all of muffins were eaten, but my dad seemed more than willing to take them off my hands. It was either that or they'd get tossed. I had one last night— you know.. to make sure I was serving something edible. But that's all I really wanted. I'm not one who can "casually" snack on baked goods.

And these aren't low cal. Sure, you could probably mess it by cutting back on butter.. using some milk.. maybe some unsweetened applesauce. But why mess with perfection?

The recipe for the beauties can be found online straight from the source: Baking: From My Home to Yours.


Fit Mama said...

ooo... I'm having visitors in a couple weeks, the day we return from a weeklong vacation. I think I'll whip these up and freeze them so they have breakfast available :)

Johanna B said...

Your muffins sound delicious and I have some espresso powder that needs to be used.