Tuesday, July 1, 2008

American BBQ Tacos

American BBQ Tacos

These tacos were bizarre. That's really the only way to describe them. They were like a bbq sloppy joe with pickle relish on a soft taco shell.

Don't ask me why I decided to try them.. especially since I had to spend points on them. BBQ sauce isn't Core and neither were the shells, so I felt the need to count for the whole recipe.

The tacos came from Vegetarian Times orginially, but I used lean ground beef instead of crumbles because I don't really like fake meat crumbles. They don't taste all that great and last time I made them, it actually stunk while it cooked. I'm all about my food smelling good and the fake meat certainly didn't.

Overall, the combination wasn't awful, but I can think of better taco recipes out there worth spending points on.

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