Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Pork Chops Marsala

Pork Chops Marsala

I'm constantly surfing the Web, reading food magazines and blogs, and flipping through cookbooks to get inspiration on what to eat. I love that many of the magazines are driving traffic to their websites by providing daily dinner ideas.

Recently, Cooking Light's Dinner Tonight featured Pork Chops Marsala. It was like the editors of the magazine had seen inside my fridge and thought, "Geez, I see a package of cremini's about to go, some leftover chicken stock in a box that's got a few days left, and those potatoes she bought last week and forgot about.. she should probably use those before they start sprouting."

Honestly. I had everything on hand except for the asparagus.

I can't say I really tasted the marsala bit of it -- possibly because that bottle of wine has been sitting in my fridge for 8 months I think. I would mostly describe this as pork chops with mushroom gravy.

I think I'd skip the flouring of the meat, though. I guess I don't understand the purpose of it in this instance. Flour goes into the gravy, so it's not necessarily used to thicken the sauce. And the flour "crust" just ends up peeling off in an unattractive glop. Plus, because you're only cooking the meat with cooking spray, it burned in the pan.

Overall, it was delicious. It would even be fantastic with chicken. In fact, if I make it again, I'll make it with chicken, sans the flour coating.

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