Friday, April 13, 2007

I was thinking Arby's

Last night, while I was watching the commercials during CSI (although I had DVR'd it and could have avoided them) they played the sourdough melt 2 for $3 commercial a zillion and one times. And that's an exact number. I counted them.

I think it's subliminal advertising because this week, during my week o' stress, I decided to meet the boyfriend for lunch at the local Arby's for said sourdough cheddar melt. I typically despise fast food. And now I remember why. It wasn't very good. Not worth the calories. Except for the potato cakes, oh, the triangles of fried potato goodness.

So adding to my list of favorite things, it's now potato cakes, breakfast, polenta, and grain salads. Hmm.. that's a lot of carbs. Although breakfast, in theory, could be carb-free, I prefer the carb-o-licious items like pancakes, french toast, hash browns, bagels, english muffins... this list could go on forever. I heart carbs. I don't need veggies. I need carbs and lots of them.

So now when I see that Arby's commercial I can think "blech" and move on.

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