Sunday, January 18, 2009

Monte Cristo Club Sandwiches

Monte Cristo Club Sandwich

Sometimes food at home can be just as good, if not better, than restaurant food. Especially when you're talking about food at a casual dining chain.

The ex and I, while not dating again, have been hanging out as friends. Friday, rather than going out, I made a version of his favorite sandwich at Claddagh's Irish Pub. They have a monte cristo sandwich that he orders just about every time we're there.

And when I saw this recipe for Monte Cristo Clubsandwiches, I knew this would probably taste even better. And it did.

Because I had eaten light earlier in the day, I made the recipe as written and it was fantastic -- full of flavor. And I've had jam with monte cristos before, but I definitely liked the applesauce better.

Even those these were pretty much full of fat and calories, you can easily lightened them and make them healthier overall. For one, you could use whole wheat bread. Instead of pepper bacon you could use center cut bacon or even turkey bacon if you wanted to. (I would personally opt for the center cut bacon.) Also, swap regular sharp cheddar for 2% sharp cheddar and use less. If you shred it from the block you could get a little bit all over the sandwich. Finally, you could always cook in cooking spray rather than butter.

Even though these were delicious, I'm always looking for better ways to make a monte cristo -- what's your favorite recipe?

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