Monday, January 12, 2009

Carrot Parmesan Risotto

Carrot Parmesan Risotto

It's certainly a nontraditional risotto, but it's actually really good. I haven't found a risotto I don't like and I'm adding this Carrot Parmesan Risotto to the list of my favorites. The carrots give this a sweetness that other risottos don't have, but it works anyhow. And you can't beat a risotto for a quick comforting meal.

I changed the recipe only slightly. Thankfully, the January/February issue of Everyday Food focuses on light recipes, so it didn't need to be lightened. But I used regular arborio rice instead of long grain white rice. I'm not sure if it was because of the rice I used, but I also had to use much more broth than the recipe called for. Luckily broth doesn't have many calories and shouldn't add points. I ended up running out of chicken broth and using half vegetable broth anyhow.

Best yet, the generous cup and a half serving comes out to 385 calories or 8 points.

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