Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Baked Tofu with Fried Rice

Baked Tofu with Fried Rice

I'm exhausted tonight. I still have stuff to finish up, but I'll be in bed early, that's for sure. My sleep schedule is out of whack and it's catching up to me.

Tonight's dinner was Asian-Style Baked Tofu and Fried Rice. Both were fantastic. I could easily eat an entire package of tofu like this in one sitting. Seriously. Mine got a little extra crunchy, but other than that it was beyond delicious. Think you don't like tofu? Try it baked. The recipe takes a bit of time, but it's totally worth it.

While the tofu was baking away in the oven I made some brown rice so I could stir fry it. The past few times I've made it I've liked it but didn't love it, not sure why. No matter what recipe I try, they're all very similar, but this one really stands out for some reason. I think I'll make it this way every time from now on. Instead of baby carrots and peas, I used a frozen carrots and peas mix. I didn't bother boiling them, just thawed and warmed them in the oil before adding the egg. Worked just fine.

And for being "fried" it's only 6 points per serving and if you can keep the tofu to one serving, it's only 3 points. Possibly less if you can find reduced-fat firm. And both are worth every single point.

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