Friday, August 20, 2010

Ye Olde Mill

Ye Olde Mill

Some of my best childhood memories are tied to food. And today, I took a mini food tour of my parents' hometown for a few of my favorites.

One stop was the Ye Olde Mill in Utica, Ohio — home of Velvet Ice Cream. It's called the Ye Olde Mill, because it once was an old gristmill.

It still has the giant water wheel. I was always a bit fascinated by that wheel.


You won't find too many out-of-the-ordinary flavors here. But that doesn't matter. It's good ice cream.

And most importantly, it was the ice cream I remember most from my childhood.

The Ye Olde Mill was where my grandparents on my mom's side always took us for ice cream after dinner. She'd always buy me a scoop of mint chocolate chip and let us feed the ducks that hang out in the ponds near the mill.

The ducks are still around, and are really used to people. This one didn't even flinch when I got right next to it. I forgot bread to feed it with, though.


When I was older, my grandma took me to their annual Ice Cream Festival on Memorial Day weekend. People come from miles away to go the festival. It's fun — if you like crowds of people.

My dad's side of the family also had our family reunions in the fall at the mill. My uncles would shake buckeyes from the tree and help us crack them open. Even as an adult, I found myself on the lookout for one.


And look what we found! It's not a great one and the color on the photo is a little off because it was so bright out.. but you get the idea.

In case you ever wandered what the Ohio State mascot really is.. this is it!

Of course, we also ordered ice cream. I had the Birthday Cake, complete with sprinkles and icing. Delicious! They also make a pumpkin ice cream in the fall that beats Edy's pumpkin ice cream by a mile.

Birthday Cake Ice Cream

And because we couldn't help ourselves...

Mom and Me

Me and my mom as an ice cream split. Always fun to be a goofball!

What's your favorite childhood food memory?

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