Sunday, August 22, 2010


Pizza Box

Pizza was the real reason we took a mini food tour of my parents hometown. But it can't be just any pizza. It has to be Plaza Pizza.

When my dad was growing up, my grandparents owned a few pizza shops in town. My grandfather bought a recipe from another shop in town that was closing, tweaked it a bit and opened a few shops with a business partner.

The story, according to my dad at least, is that my grandpa's business partner helped open Plaza Pizza. Who knows if that's the real deal or if it's family lore. (Aunt Liz, if you're reading feel free to correct me if I've got the story mixed up!)

Point is, the recipe is similar to the recipe my grandpa used, my dad says. I wouldn't know, since my grandpa's pizza shop was long gone by the time I was born.

But, I did grow up eating Plaza Pizza. My grandparents on my mom's side always ordered Plaza Pizza when we visited. We always ordered two pizzas -- green pepper and mushroom (for my grandma) and an All the Way, which I think pepperoni, onion, green pepper, banana peppers, mushrooms and green olives.

The pizza is one-of-a-kind around here. We haven't been able to find a pizza like it closer to us. And most importantly, it's good. Really good. It has a cracker-thin crust -- just the way I like it.

The place doesn't look like much from the outside, or the inside for that matter. But there's always a line of people waiting for their pizzas.


That's the leftovers from two large pizzas with three people eating. As you can tell, we liked our pizza.

The pictures don't even do it justice. I haven't gotten used to taking photos in restaurants (don't think I ever will!). So, all the photos, were unfortunately taken once I got home.

If you're ever near the central Ohio area -- definitely take some time to try them out.

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