Monday, September 17, 2007

Zucchini, Ham, and Potato Soup

I'm not sure why I tried this soup. My last attempt at a Rachael Ray soup was not the best one out there. But I'm glad I did. This may not look like much (the picture in the magazine really isn't much more appealing!), but it's a homey, comforting soup perfect for the fall. And because you puree some of the veggies, it's creamy and filling. By my calculations it was 4 pts for a generous cup and a half or so of soup, which is, of course, even better.

The Zucchini, Ham and Potato Soup tastes something like a cross between a cream of potato soup and a ham and bean soup but without the cream and beans, of course. And the zucchini gets really tender and melds into the soup perfectly. I was so sure about having chunks of squash in my soup, but I was pleasantly surprised. And I'm not even a huge fan of dill, but I liked it here. There's just a hint.

Now, it's not what I'd call a super flavorful soup. It's almost on the bland side. But it's the good kind of bland. If there is such a thing. Maybe bland isn't the right word. Maybe it's *ordinary*. Good ordinary like a chicken noodle soup or a vegetable stew. Either way, it's probably a make again.

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