Monday, September 24, 2007

Chicken and Green Beans in White Wine Sauce

Chicken an d Green Beans in White Wine Sauce

One thing I like about Cooking Light is that it always offers a section with full menus. The Chicken with Asparagus and White Wine Sauce was one of them in the October issue. But being budget conscious, I decided to change things a bit.

Although I love asparagus, it's pricey, so I swapped out green beans. And, I had yukon gold potatoes and needed an oil serving so I roasted the potatoes instead of mashing them.

The chicken was really good. I even liked the sauce. But the green beans weren't all that great. Even though the recipe said you could swap green beans for the asparagus, the green beans didn't get tender enough. Even after much longer than the recipe suggested. I will make the chicken part again, but I think I'll skip the green beans.

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