Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Mexican Bean Salad

Bean salad

I have to say, I'm not a big fan of bean salads Especially the kind with canned green beans. Yuck.

So, when my sister first suggested making a bean salad for a family dinner a few years ago I was prepared to hate it. Instead, I was surprised. I actually liked it.

This is not the three-bean salad of my childhood. Sure, it's still a three-bean salad, but it has a Mexican twist with corn, peppers and even some chili powder.

It's a crowd-pleaser - that's for sure. My sister brought it to a family reunion over the summer and people raved. It's a great for a cookout.

I made it Sunday night to bring to my department's annual Thanksgiving potluck. It's a little unorthodox for a Thanksgiving meal, but it's dairy and meat free, perfect for the vegetarians and vegans who might otherwise not have much else to eat.

Plus, there's kind of a limit to how many people can sign up to bring mashed potatoes or stuffing.

I only made one change in the recipe. Instead of using Splenda, I used regular sugar. Other than that, I pretty much made the recipe to the letter, so go check it out on Allrecipes.com.

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Anonymous said...

I am glad everyone liked the salad. seeing the picture makes me long for a summer style meal. I might have to do some grilling in the snow soon. =)